June Lost Boats

USS Herring (SS-233)

Lost on June 1, 1944 with the loss of 83 men near Matsuwa Island. Herring was on her 8th war patrol and was conducting a surface attack when a shore battery spotted her and made 2 direct hits on her conning tower and causing her loss. Before being sunk, she had sank a freighter and a passenger-cargoman. Herring was the only US submarine sunk by a land battery.

Class: SS 212
Commissioned: 5/4/1942
Launched: 1/15/1942
Builder: Portsmouth Navy Yard
Length: 307 Beam: 27
#Officers: 6 #Enlisted: 54
Fate: (Cont’d.) In a counter-attack, enemy shore batteries scored two direct hits on Herring’s conning tower and “bubbles covered an area about 3 miles wide, and heavy oil covered an area of approximately 15 miles.”

USS R-12 (SS-89)

Lost on June 12, 1943 with the loss of 42 men near Key West, FL during a practice torpedo approach. The cause was probably due to flooding through a torpedo tube. The CO and 2 other men on the bridge survived, as did 18 crew members on liberty at the time of the accident.

Class: SS 89
Commissioned: 9/23/1919
Launched: 8/15/1919
Builder: Fore River Shipbuilding Co
Length: 186 Beam: 18
#Officers: 2 #Enlisted: 27
Fate: R-12 was lost while making preparations for a torpedo practice, when the Forward Battery compartment flooded. 42 men were lost. 6 survived.

USS Golet (SS-361)

Lost on June 14, 1944 with the loss of 82 men. On her 2nd war patrol, Golet was apparently lost in battle with antisubmarine forces north of Honshu.

Class: SS 212
Commissioned: 11/30/1943
Launched: 8/1/1943
Builder: Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co
Length: 312 Beam: 27
#Officers: 6 #Enlisted: 54
Fate: Japanese antisubmarine records available after the war revealed that Golet was the probable victim of a Japanese antisubmarine attack made 14 June 1944. 82 men lost.

USS Bonefish (SS-223)

Lost on June 18, 1945 with the loss of 85 men when sunk near Suzu Misaki. Winner of 3 Navy Unit Citations, Bonefish was on her 8th war patrol. After sinking a passenger-cargoman, Bonefish was subjected to a savage depth charge attack.

Class: SS 212
Commissioned: 5/31/1943
Launched: 3/7/1943
Builder: Electric Boat Co (General Dynamics)
Length: 307 Beam: 27
#Officers: 6 #Enlisted: 54
Fate: Bonefish departed Guam for her 8th war patrol as part of a submarine group for operations in the Sea of Japan. On the morning of 18 June Bonefish received permission to conduct a patrol of Toyama Wan, Honshu. She was never heard from again.

USS S-27 (SS-132)

Lost on June 19, 1942 when it grounded off Amchitka Island. She was on the surface in poor visibility, charging batteries and drifted into the shoals. When she could not be freed and started listing, the captain got the entire crew to shore (400 yards away) in relays using a 3-man rubber raft. The entire crew was subsequently rescued.

Class: SS S
Commissioned: 1/22/1924
Launched: 10/18/1922
Builder: Fore River Shipbuilding Co
Length: 219 Beam: 22
#Officers: 4 #Enlisted: 34
Fate: S-27 was abandonded and the crew was rescued by PBY aircraft.

USS O-9 (SS-70)

Lost on Jun 20, 1941 with the loss of 33 men when it foundered off Isle of Shoals, 15 miles from Portsmouth, NH.

Class: SS O
Commissioned: 7/27/1918
Launched: 1/22/1918
Length: 172 Beam: 18
#Officers: 2 #Enlisted: 27
Fate: O-9 submerged at 0738 to conduct deep submergence tests, the sub did not surface thereafter but was crushed by the pressure of the water 402 feet below. 33 men lost.

USS Runner (SS-275)

Lost between June 26 & July 4th 1943 with the loss of 78 men. Runner was on her 3rd war patrol probably due to a mine. Prior to her loss, she reported sinking a freighter and a passenger-cargoman off the Kuriles. This boat’s last known ship sunk happened on June 26th, so she probably hit that mine on or after that date but before July 4th, when she was scheduled back at Midway.

Class: SS 212
Commissioned: 7/30/1942
Launched: 5/30/1942
Builder: Portsmouth Navy Yard
Length: 307 Beam: 27
#Officers: 6 #Enlisted: 54
Fate: Runner departed Midway for the Kurile Island chain and waters off northern Japan. No report was heard from her. She sank the cargo ship Seinan Maru on 11 June in Tsugaru Strait off Hokaido, aud the passenger-cargo ship Shinryu Maru on 26 June, 1943.