Memorial Bricks at Mather VA Center

Gold Country Base Memorial Brick Fund

Gold Country Base was originally chartered by USSVI as “USS Holland (SS1) Gold Country Base” in the fall of 2000 and was rechartered “Gold Country Base” in 2014. During our 24 years we have lost a total of 65 Members to Eternal Patrol.

We have created a project to raise the funds to purchase a Brick at the Mather Veterans Memorial for each of those 65 members.

The total Current cost for the project is $5850 so a goal to raise $6000 has been set.  Our National Charitable Foundation (USSVCF) has set up a link on their site allowing all contributions to be tax deductible.

Use this link:

Gold Country Base Memorial Brick Fund – United States Submarine Veterans Charitable Foundation, Inc. (   or the QR code below.

Gold Country Base member Bill Sugnet will direct the fund-raising effort and Ed McCarthy the logistics.

New bricks are placed in the plaza twice a year on Memorial Day or Veterans Day depending on the date of purchase.

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